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Most law firms still market the hard way, experiencing frustration, overwhelm and limited results. 

We understand. We’ve shown others the easier way. Now it’s your turn. Find out what works for other successful attorneys in your practice area. 

We'll show you the state of the art strategies we use. Then, use us to implement or do it yourself.

About Us

Be Retained provides 'Done For You' digital marketing marketing services to growing law firms.  That means: we use systems and technology to bring you the clients you want at a price that makes sense.

We believe in giving value first and asking for business second. We give you free marketing education specifically tailored for law firms and lawyers. Check out our concepts. Then, decide if you want us to help or do it yourself.

We'll give you lot of great, free, law marketing info. And then, of course, we'll offer our services. However, we don't work with everyone. We specialize in just a few practice areas.

We look forward to working together we hope you get a lot out of our free material.

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